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Regarding me

My own belief

« Mental intuitive is a sacred gift and mental rational is a faithful servant.
We created a society which honors the servant and forgot the donation »

Albert Einstein

My first motivation

« Let nobody come to you and leave without being happier!»
Mère Teresa

Since 1995 to 2010, Voluntary practice of the Magnetism and the declared Professional Dowsing, since May 1st, 2010

my background as « Petit Poucet »

Contemplative and intuitive, from my youngest age, my main concerns were to protect and to pass on the enjoyment around me.

I was born in 1960, but anything changed for me today, in this difference near, the maturation (Or experience) By a relentless learning, mixing rigor & analyse to intuition & passion, Being added to it a practice on a daily basis, and to finish meetings not being of simple coincidences, but rather the synchronicity (coincidence in charge of sense).

Some mediums indeed crossed my way; people of the most remarkable (scrupulously invested in their discipline), far from any charlatanism.
I thank them sincerely for having guided and lit me such of very effective small white pebbles sowed on my way of « Petit Poucet ».

This way, patiently but resolutely borrowed, allows me to present you today, what I can help you, to concretize completely my conviction and motivation by the donation.

But anything is fate, I finished by the knowledge also…


Depuis 1995, je pratique et développe avec passion un don que m’a donné la vie :

Celui de porter soin à autrui en détectant les carences et en combattant les déséquilibres qu’elles peuvent engendrer.

Il s’agit là de restaurer des terrains physiques et psychologiques qui, par des interactions néfastes, souvent se fragilisent les uns les autres dans un système de vases communicants.

Pour matérialiser cela, je vous dirais que, dans mon esprit, il s’agit d’un puzzle à rebâtir, pièce après pièce, afin de parvenir à une image, cohérente : la vôtre, la vraie.

Témoignages :

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