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Fleur de Bach

Flower elixirs, medical discovery of Edward Bach, an English physician homeopath (1886-1936), are natural, non-drug, non-addictive or dangerous for the whole family. They help to find harmony by being positive in the negative aspects of our emotions,
feelings or states of mind.

38 "Original Bach Flowers" to understand and harmonize the whole personality,
an aid to healing, stress management, reform of our character,
a tool for personal development leading us to balance.

Bach flowers were classified into 7 groups of emotions:

  • Fear
  • Hypersensitivity to influences and ideas of others
  • Loneliness
  • Doubt
  • Excessive concerning the well-being of others
  • The disinterest.
  • The depression - Despair
  • Bach flowers are positioned at the center of a system
    Where health and self-knowledge overlap and where
    Flower's role is clearly differentiated from conventional approaches,
    both in the health personal development domain.

Since 1995, I practice and develop with passion a gift which life gave me :

That to carry care to other people by discerning deficiencies and by fighting imbalance which they can procreate.

It is a question there of restoring physical and psychological fields which, by harmful correlations, often weaken in a system of communicating vases.

To realize it, I would say to you that, in my spirit, it is about a puzzle of rebuilding, part after part, to reach an image, coherent: yours, the real.

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