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« Seize his life bodily. »...

As a water-diviner discovers underground tablecloths with his rod, to find the origin of your inconveniences, I use « a pendulum ».

This precious tool allows me to make my intuition concrete and to establish, on the basis of a photo witness, that I name a card of deficiencies.

This result, key of vault of my job, will support reconstruction or strengthening of the tired zones and your lack.
It will describe very exactly your own energy balance stemming from the interpretation which I make of a concrete reading of your "Aura". Your emotional structure and its possible imbalance will also be counted by the use of « Flowers of Bach ».

I shall apply, ensuing of this study, to strengthen and to harmonize your vital energy by the laying on of hands (magnetism)

Within the framework of this natural and traditional therapy, I shall guide you in the choice of food complements rich in vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts (Salts of Schüssler), as well as of gemmothérapie and essential oil.

Our exchanges as well as my role of adviser will come to be added to it.

This holistic approach will be the vector of the good to be undoubtedly found on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plans.

I know that most people, reading this presentation, can remain sceptical … It is not nevertheless a question there of substituting me for a traditional medicine. My apprenticeship and the years of experience in the domains of dowsing, the magnetism and the care by plants simply allowed me to notice the benefactions of these methods: It is effectively proved true that women, men, children and even animals were relieved of many troubles

My wish today is to share my know-how with the largest number of visitors or contacts and to bring down certain barriers, physical or psychological blockings which they can meet. Blockings, which often prevent from moving forward and «seize your life bodily».

To illustrate my comment, you can access to a space dedicated to the testimonies of my patients and past visitors, I hope that you will be many to give me the pleasure to join them.

Since 1995, I practice and develop with passion a gift which life gave me :

That to carry care to other people by discerning deficiencies and by fighting imbalance which they can procreate.

It is a question there of restoring physical and psychological fields which, by harmful correlations, often weaken in a system of communicating vases.

To realize it, I would say to you that, in my spirit, it is about a puzzle of rebuilding, part after part, to reach an image, coherent: yours, the real.

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