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I use since a very long time the divinatory pendulum, I ask it a question and it answers me without defect, exactly and it knows how to supply me a large number of convenient information and especially, always in adequacy with the evoked subject.
A little bit of history : in the time of the Pharaohs, old Egypt allows us to distinguish a pendulum which was situated int the Valley of the Kings, in a sarcophagus: the pendulum of Thoth.
Pendulums have various aspects, certain in the shape of droplet, others associate the wood and/or the metal.

If you wish more precise information on this objects, so beautiful as unusual, do not hesitate to ask me your questions on my contact page, I shall indulge to answer it, see you soon... Your devoted, Brigitte

Since 1995, I practice and develop with passion a gift which life gave me :

That to carry care to other people by discerning deficiencies and by fighting imbalance which they can procreate.

It is a question there of restoring physical and psychological fields which, by harmful correlations, often weaken in a system of communicating vases.

To realize it, I would say to you that, in my spirit, it is about a puzzle of rebuilding, part after part, to reach an image, coherent: yours, the real.

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