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Result from the innate use of our field of perception to enlarge our field of conscience relating to the living being.

A little of history or Ethymologie of Latin word "Radius" (Ray) and Greek word " Aisthêsis " (perception).

Dowsing is a mantique support allowing me, all over the emissions of unconscious impulses and linked to my perception of sensitive or clear-sighted, to discern all that seems hidden, manifesting itself by an idéomotrice reaction. (1) This becomes a reality by the use of a pendulum for my part. It is to be noted that other tools in dowsing can be used in order to do that, and to name only her, the aerial of lechter.

(1) stimulation / action directly launched by a mental representation

Perception, detection, interpretation

I won't try to explain more in depth what is in detail dowsing, useless here...I shall be applied to make it discover to you with pleasure during our future exchanges

As regards the domain of the greater welfare, I shall specify all the same that you intervene necessarily during therapy and so take an active part as a supplement to what I will bring you to become again autonomous and in perfect harmony with yourself.

To conclude, my "missions" lead me to accompany in the well being (physical, emotional and spiritual), as part of school and professional directions, in the choice in acquisitions or property sales (this will indeed allow you to make very opportune decisions) This job by the dowsing touching quantum domain (quantum physical appearance, quantum mechanics), the expanse of possibilities in research couldn't be exhaustive.

Depuis 1995, je pratique et développe avec passion un don que m’a donné la vie :

Celui de porter soin à autrui en détectant les carences et en combattant les déséquilibres qu’elles peuvent engendrer.

Il s’agit là de restaurer des terrains physiques et psychologiques qui, par des interactions néfastes, souvent se fragilisent les uns les autres dans un système de vases communicants.

Pour matérialiser cela, je vous dirais que, dans mon esprit, il s’agit d’un puzzle à rebâtir, pièce après pièce, afin de parvenir à une image, cohérente : la vôtre, la vraie.

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